just another art class

I feel a little out of my” ZPD”(Vgotsky).  Flickr could be so useful for searching art images and just streaming a constant flow of examples.  These are useful starting places or hooks.  Looking at a stream of street art.  I feel that there are kids who make street art who I could certainly work with.  I have been thinking about teaching kids who abhor academia and how can I begin to draw them into scholarship.  I hate to be to emotive but with Web 2.0 tools and the first looks and “the creative process” in the new arts curriculum how can you go wrong?  All you need is love for teaching kids and a strong command of your discipline.

As an aside; I feel compelled to note that this starting point and that there issue connoisseurship. This has always been a problem in studying art. There is a lost sensibility when viewing photos of art you have never seen in places you have never been. Authenticity is important.

Seeing all the minutia of images of artists working away I wonder what it is all for.  Art is means of coping with your existence, like a child’s blanket (Winnicot).  Who is really listening, what are we even saying and can anyone really understand anyone else. Finally without significant funds and time you can’t really make anything that will really lasts or communicates.

The new art’s curriculum gives me hope. Being very specific and constraining I would argue it organizes the process and it can be schema for any endeavor.  I love art but it sits outside of true creativity. Every one has there own axes to grind. We just need to find out what they are.

I included this video found at Educator’s PLN. I like but i think it could  be polarizing. At the risk of sounding too enthusiastic : I say we shove way into the young world and like thieves we figure any way we can to get in that house. Only we don’t take things away but hope to leave something behind.


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4 responses to “just another art class

  1. Zoe

    This is a great video – one that clearly makes the point of why we need to address 21st Century Fluencies.

  2. “Seeing all the minutia of images of artists working away I wonder what it is all for. ” – I definitely have to agree on that one. Millions of artists on millions of web platforms, working on what? It’s hard to tell students to put their work out there, on the Internet, for who to see? The millions of other artists?

    “Finally without significant funds and time you can’t really make anything that will really lasts or communicates.” I never took you for a cynic, but yes,I can agree with you on that point too. How do you make art that’s lasting in the real world. Any art that’s made on the computer and put online is often taken for granted as another image. The artists identity online is such a confusing one.

    It’s nice to get insight on other teachable and Web 2.0 tools. I’m so stuck in my English bubble I can’t see the words for the books sometimes.

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  4. Anthony Ling

    Nice video. I find it to be such an inspiring video. Thanks.

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