CODE conference 2010

November 2010


Drama I/S

CODE Conference 2010

a log by Krista Weir

Workshops attended

Creating Character Through Movement

Creating the World of the Play

What would you do? Exploring the Issues

Collage Collective

Exploring Power: Oppression from Within

Imagining With Artifacts

The conference was very nice, and I met many teachers from all over Ontario. I chose workshops that were familiar to me. Next time I would branch out into other areas. I was amazed that all those exercises I have practiced over the years have authors and volumes and layers that I have yet to explore.

Dance/ Movement (Laban Based)

This was a great start to the conference, so active. I can recall creating my own character for a play based on these activities. I can imagine how these techniques could help students creating characters. I feel confident with using them in a class. From what I recall students are usually much more ready to move than to use voice. We extend this type of activity into a voice exercise with a prescribed text or segment of text. The idea of a collaborative moving machine could activate a previous tableau and extend into sound/ voice exploration.

Creating the World of the Play

This workshop was too short. But it did open me up to a forgotten time where I was exclusively looking to set design and playwriting. I was building set and costumes for unproduced plays. (why) This workshop also enlightened to unthought ideas of table charts for props and traveling props, ground plans. I love the idea of picking a work of art to base your set and costume on so that it will all be cohesive. Honestly I am itching for a chance to explore this world and it is perhaps what I should have studied to start with, but I am getting on and you can’t keep changing your mind. I became re-acquainted with my love of drawing out set designs and costumes. Oh, if only!!

I feel prepared to implement these techniques to stage a production be there the chance.

Exploring the Issues

This workshop was just long enough. I can see how we might use these techniques but you must be pretty comfortable with your job and your students to do it. It might be interesting to do a brainstorm of issues that are important to your students, and see what kind of big questions can be created. I think that might really be something. I have often approached artwork with a big question. I would leave that issue sort of veiled though so that I was not being too personal. With some of the work though I was very open with the issue and you can really illicit quite response when you do that. It is a fine line to walk.

Collage Collectives

Worthwhile workshop, I explored more about tableaux than ever before. This was complex and dynamic interesting. I wonder about the performance value of a tableaux. I think they could be used effectively in transitions and beginning and endings. I guess that every moment on stage could be practiced and perfected within tableaux work. Am I right is that how they used or are they just practice or how do they play out on stage? Again this gave names and resources to things I have ever practiced. I could use tableau work in classes but I would need to think more about why I use it and nail down how I go about it. One thing to note is that it is a joyful moment when you join in and then another and so on and how it changes. You see the different interpretations on one idea.

Oppression From Within

I felt a little oppressed in this workshop, but that is no matter. This is a powerful workshop. It is funny you don’t know with people there is such a range of understanding. How can it be so different from inside your head to outside. Considering those two factors it is a wonder we bother communicating at all.

This is an amazing tool for exploring ideas with students around identity, community, culture. I need more learning and time with these concepts to implement them properly. I can recall some clown workshops I took at mac that seemed to play with status and I feel that they could apply here.

Imagining with Artifacts

This is a lovely idea for a focused unit that combines history or art with drama. I love the idea of creating tableaux from history text, and acting out dances uses props going to a song or story. This is how I wish I was taught in school I think this work shop was for junior / intermediate but it can apply. Students really respond to objects that they can work with. At least I did. It is so important to try to implement these cross-circular projects because life is not so straight forward you need to identify that and bring school to life/ bring life to school. First hand observation cannot be beat for learning. Also you may have students who love drama or gym but think school sitting in a desk stinks. They are right. We should provide more opportunity for active learners.

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